Embrace the Awkwardness

"Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone love. - Drew Barrymore" One day while I was perusing the ever so eccentric internet I saw this quote from Drew Barrymore. While I was reading it I started to do mini montage  series in... Continue Reading →


The Time I Fell Off A Treadmill……Twice

I’m sure by now we have all seen those videos on the internet of some poor unfortunate soul falling off a treadmill. We watch, we laugh, maybe even cry and we thank our lucky stars that that has never happened to us. However, if that has happened to you, my deepest condolences. My friend, for... Continue Reading →

Awkward Eye Contact

If you’re anything like us, then you love being out in public and doing some serious people watching. There’s just so many different types of people everywhere; it’s fascinating. Our favorite part though is when you turn your head and accidentally lock eyes with the guy across the room (and no we do not mean... Continue Reading →

I Broke the Rope

In high school Chanté and I were those cliche teenagers that you see in all the old 80's movies;  cashier, amusement/water park employee, sold chicken and pizza, apron, goofy hat, fanny pack. I mean we had it all. We thought we were the coolest kids there (I even wore my fanny pack backwards because that's how... Continue Reading →

Accepting Awkwardness

Five years ago if you were to ask us what our goal in life was, in all honesty we'd probably shrug our shoulders and say "I don't know" (in unison of course). It wasn't until recently that we finally came up with a response that we truly meant and believed in. Our biggest goal in life... Continue Reading →

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