What’s up!! Are you looking for a guide to navigate all of life’s socially awkward moments? Well look no further cause we got you.  We’re Chanel and Chanté Jay (aka “Life’s Awkward Tour Guides“) and we are probably one of the most AWKWARD set of twins you will ever meet. We’re here to give you a full tour of all of life’s awkward moments!!

You know that awkward phase that everyone goes through in their adolescents, yeah, well sadly we are still going through it. Unfortunately, it has taken us 20 years to figure out that we’ll probably never get out of that awkward phase. But on the bright side, we’ve figured out a way to make our awkwardness work for us.

Now, we’re not saying we’re less awkward now, we’ve just realized there’s a whole lot of benefits of being awkward. And for the moments of our lives that our awkwardness works against us, well we’ve figured some stuff out for that too.




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