Making Our Dreams A Reality

What is up guys?!?! So we know it's been awhile since our last post, but we can explain. You see we have been working hard this summer to accomplish one of goals that we have wanted since we were kids. For a while now, we have been OBSESSED (which is an understatement) with YouTube and... Continue Reading →


Reaching Things on the Top Shelf

Being the awkward people that we are, certain tasks become even more awkward for us. Chanté and I are 5'2. Wait, I lied, I'm actually 5'1 and 1/2 and Chanté is 5'1 and 14/16th (by the way she really stresses the 14/16th) so some things can be really challenging for us, aka reaching things on the top shelf.... Continue Reading →

First Day Failures

"New year, new me" Simple phrase, right? Wrong. You see this phrase entails that the simple fact that a new beginning or a new season can somehow change the way you are. For some, they in fact, can change a part of themselves. But for others, well they are simply stuck in their old ways.... Continue Reading →

Homecoming Mishap

If you couldn't tell from the rope and treadmill incidents, Chanté and I are two of the most awkward people you will ever meet. However, on both of those occasions we acted alone in our awkwardness. Although we were both there to witness each others misfortune, both experiences technically only happened to one of us. Usually... Continue Reading →

I Broke the Rope

In high school Chanté and I were those cliche teenagers that you see in all the old 80's movies;  cashier, amusement/water park employee, sold chicken and pizza, apron, goofy hat, fanny pack. I mean we had it all. We thought we were the coolest kids there (I even wore my fanny pack backwards because that's how... Continue Reading →

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