Meet Your Tour Guides

We’re guessing that since you’re on this page you want to know a little bit more about us. Well, we are 20 years old and just finished our third year of college. Originally,┬áthis blog started out as a semester project for one of Chanel’s classes. We soon realized that doing something like this has always been a dream of ours. We were always afraid of putting ourselves out there in fear of getting ridiculed or receiving not so great feedback from the people around us, but this class helped us put our fear aside and just go for it.

Alright, enough with the sappy stuff. In all reality we’re just two goofy people who finally realized that we weren’t the only people who were socially awkward and figured we could share our many experiences and stories with others. (BTW when we say ‘many’ we mean more than you could even imagine!!)


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