The “L” Shaped Tree

As you may or may not know, Chanel and I recently went on the most incredible hike of our lives. We used to not be people who sought adventure, but we have since learned that life is 100% more fun with a little bit of crazy quests.

As we told you in our last post, we had an amazing time! We cleared our minds, met some pretty cool people, and took some really awesome pics. But, by now we must all know that Chanel and I aren’t the smoothest of people when doing LITERALLY anything. And like most of our life experiences, this hike was no stranger to the Jay Twins’ awkwardness.

Chanel and I being the “graceful” and “elegant” people that we are, hiking came as a breeze for us. This was our first time hiking this trail (and, well hiking period), so our good friend who has been on this trail decided to take the reigns on this journey. She had been telling us that there was a lake named “Devil’s Pool” (*this is important later) along a part of the trail that was really popular in the summer. Because we went on a random day of the week in the spring, we figured there wouldn’t be anyone there, but we were still stoked to see it anyway. At this lake, there’s a rope swing you have to climb a tree to reach and this incredible tree that is shaped like an “L” that hovers over the lake.

The lake wasn’t  that far from our starting point, so we just decided to head there first. When we walked up to the lake, we saw a group of girls sitting on the “L” shaped tree and one girl desperately trying to take a picture with all of them on the tree and she still be in the photo. Sensing their struggles, we walked up to them and our friend offered to take the picture for them. Their photos came out really cute and we were about to be on our merry way until one of the other girls in the group asked if WE wanted to take a picture sitting on the tree.

This is where things got interesting.

(Here’s a quick tip on our picture taking formula’s: If we are with a third person, that person always goes in the middle and we go on the outside)

Knowing this exact formula, our friend looked at us to see which of us would be getting on the tree first. It was at this moment that I recalled the name of the lake and immediately knew that I should not be scooting on any part of this tree. We decided it would be best if I did not scoot onto the tree first (it’s not really like this helped a ton). Chanel scoots out onto the tree first (much respect to her) and she goes back pretty far. Next, our friend goes and before I can even fathom, it’s my turn.

Like I mentioned before, a small portion of the tree is located above the ground and the rest hovers over the lake. Now, the portion above the ground is not that big, so this meant I would be scooting pretty far back, increasing my chances of falling into the lake. Making the calculations in my head, I decided the picture wasn’t worth plummeting into the water. When I said “no,” my friend encouraged me, the group of girls said I could do it, and Chanel yelled that she didn’t scoot all the way back there for no reason.

To my dismay, I sat down, began to scoot and almost fell off the branch at least five times.

I was terrified.

Luckily, one of the girls from the group decided to help me by reaching her arms in around me, so if I fell in either direction she would catch me (they really were an incredibly nice group of people).

This story may not sound that awkward or sad, but believe me it was (take a look at the pictures).

I will admit, I find it only slightly embarrassing she found the need to help me, because I would have been way more embarrassed if she didn’t and I plopped into the water.

Moral of the story: I don’t think there’s a moral to this story, actually 🙂

With Love,

Chanté Jay


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