How to Deal With Embarrassment

It’s no surprise that we are no strangers to embarrassment. We have been tripped, fallen, forgotten about, and a whole bunch of other things that we can’t remember right now. Nonetheless, you are probably wondering how we deal with so much embarrassment. No worries, with these three simple tricks, we are here to tell you how we deal with embarrassment.

  1. Be the First One to Laugh

This may sound a bit strange, but we assure you it is one of the most important tricks for us whenever we are faced with an embarrassing situation. Here’s why: If you start laughing first, it gives the illusion that you are fun, light-hearted, a good sport, and are not easily fazed. The downfall to this trick, however, is that it then gives permission to whoever else is around to laugh with you. Depending on how embarrassing the situation is, you may or may not want this to happen. Being the first ones to laugh is our go-to trick, but it surely doesn’t have to be yours.

  1. Be Resilient (Act Like it Didn’t Happen)

In the event that you didn’t laugh and others are laughing at you or giving you strange looks, understanding the importance of resilience becomes crucial. You don’t want people to know you’re embarrassed, so get up and walk away as if it didn’t happen or you aren’t fazed by one bit. So for example, if it’s the wintertime and there’s a patch of ice on the ground and you slip and fall, you have two options (both involve you getting up immediately and if you have chosen to not go the laughing route). The first option is to stand and continue in the direction as if you never fell to begin with. The second is to make eye contact with the people who saw you, Kanye shrug and then keep it moving. Even if it did embarrass you, don’t let them know it did.

  1. Compartmentalize

This is the final and the most important trick that we could ever tell you. Take that embarrassing moment, and mentally place it inside a jar or door or something and address it at a better time. Often times when we are faced with embarrassing or uncomfortable situations, our emotions are running high and we react in ways that are not normal for us. We aren’t telling you to never address it and let that jar or door fill up, because that is not a healthy practice. However, if you address something a little later at a better moment, you might find that that moment wasn’t as embarrassing as you thought.

Embarrassing things happen to everyone; literally everyone. And although it may seem as if we are saying to get over it, we are actually saying the opposite. It’s okay to get upset and feel embarrassed about something, it happens to the best of us. Our trick is to never let people know just how embarrassed you actually are.

This is just how we deal with embarrassment and is in no way the only way you can deal with embarrassment. We just thought it would be nice to share how we choose to deal with all of our crazy fiascos.

With Love,

Chanel & Chanté Jay


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