Be As You Are

“Be as you are”

4 little words.

10 letters.

Huge meaning.

From from first glance, these words seem very simple, not a hard concept to grasp. But as you get older and begin to recognize yourself more and more, you find that these four little words actually mean more than you think.

You see, social media sites like Instagram make it very easy for us to get caught up in la la land, wanting/envying what other people have and focusing on what we don’t. We ourselves are guilty of this too. You go on Instagram and you see that person hiking that cool trail or taking those cute pics by the beach and you think to yourself, “hey I want to do it too”, we get it. We’re not saying don’t aspire to do these things. All we’re saying is hike that cool trail and take those cute beach pics as YOU, not you pretending to be a version of somebody else. We want to hike that trail and take those cute pics just like you, but we know that’s there’s a high possibility that we’re going to stumble up that mountain because we’re just that uncoordinated or snap a pic of one of us getting knocked down by the waves. And that’s okay because that’s us and deep down we know that we weren’t meant to ascend/descend that mountain gracefully or stand a chance against the mighty sea.

Now we know that this easier said than done. Fully accepting how you are isn’t some easy thing that can happen over night. It takes time. The best way to do it is take each day one moment at a time. Focusing yourself on the present makes looking toward the future that much more worthwhile. We know it can be hard sometimes, especially with different societal pressures, but trust us, the moment you decide to accept yourself as you are, life gets a whole hell of a lot better. You start to believe in yourself more and you’re less worried about what that rando person might think.

Life isn’t about everyone else and their opinions of you, it’s about YOU and your experiences. We love the phrase “you only get on life”. And you know what, we are determined to make ours count.


Moral of the story: Don’t live by the standards set by someone else. Live life the way YOU want, because we can promise you that things get a whole lot funnier when all you got is YOU on the brain.





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