First Day Failures

“New year, new me”

Simple phrase, right?


You see this phrase entails that the simple fact that a new beginning or a new season can somehow change the way you are. For some, they in fact, can change a part of themselves. But for others, well they are simply stuck in their old ways. Now that’s not a completely bad thing. There are parts of myself that I completely love. However, there are other parts that I want to change. One of those things that I try to change every semester is my unbelievably awkward mindset.

One of my best qualities is that I am able to keep a level head in high pressure situations. However, my downfall is that I think in the most absurd ways when I am put in the most awkward situations. Don’t believe me, let me give you an example.

The first day of school has never been my strong suit. Since high school, the most embarrassing things happen to me on the first day.

8th grade: I sat in the cafeteria for 2 1/2 days because my school didn’t recognize that I went to school there (mind you I lived there my ENTIRE life).

9th grade: IΒ was late to my first class by 20 minutes because I was walking from classroom-to-classroom trying to find my homeroom (come to find out it was the original class that I walked into).

10th grade: I sprained my ankle in soccer practice the day before school and my uncoordinated self had to walk around my giant school with crutches (I nearly fell trying to get on/off the bus).

I think you get the idea. After high school, I thought things definitely will get better once I went to college. And to my surprise, they did. I went through my first few semesters with virtually zero problems on the first day of classes. I thought my losing streak was finally over.

Wrong. Again.

It was the beginning of the spring semester of my junior year and I was excited. I had no reason to be nervous because I thought I had done it so many times. It should be a piece of cake. I looked at my schedule the night before and memorized all of the room numbers of my classes. I walk into my class about 15 minutes early so I can get the perfect seat (I like to sit on the end in the second row). As I am making my way into the room, someone hits my shoulder and I turn around and its this boy waving at me and he says “Hey I didn’t know you were in this class”. Almost positive that this guy has just mixed up me and my sister, I smile awkwardly, nod and say “yeah!”

I take my seat quickly, but at this point I’m panicking because I know that when the professor takes attendance this boy is going to know that I’m not my sister (and for some reason this is the worst thing in the world to me at this moment.) But it gets worse.

While I’m sitting in my seat I notice that an older gentleman walks into the classroom and heads to the spot where the professor stands. I thought “that’s odd, I thought this professor was a woman”. Being the over thinker that I am I decide to head to the bathroom and check my schedule on my way there.

Here’s where things get bad.

When I check my schedule, the unthinkable happens, I’m in the wrong room!! I’m so panicked by this that I decide the only way for me to safely get out of this situation is to devise a plan so no one will ever know that I was in the wrong room. I decide to act as if I have some emergency and I have to leave the class immediately. So I storm into the classroom, hurriedly packing up my things, ever so often ferociously typing on my phone trying to make it look like I’m in an emergency.

I’m literally causing a scene. The entire class is staring at me.

I grab the rest of my things and head towards the door. I had one of those water bottles that when you squeeze them water shoots out. I guess I was holding it wrong, because just as I tried to open the door I squeezed my water bottle and water squirted all over the window. I was horrified. Not only did just make a complete fool of myself, I made a mess in the process. I sprinted down the hall as fast as I could.

Looking back on this fiasco, I realized that I 100% overreacted and would have been better off if I just left peacefully. But nope, I decided to take the awkward route.

Moral of the story: Don’t overreact in awkward situations. You might just end up making things worse.

With Love,




6 thoughts on “First Day Failures

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  1. I guess we all do have a first day failures like how I failed my first day at work in the restaurant, I spill a half a tray of noodles for party tray order😬😬 The cook is sure pissed at me 😬😬


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