Awkward Eye Contact

If you’re anything like us, then you love being out in public and doing some serious people watching. There’s just so many different types of people everywhere; it’s fascinating.

Our favorite part though is when you turn your head and accidentally lock eyes with the guy across the room (and no we do not mean just like rom-com movies). That’s right friends, you guessed it (tbh, probably from the title), we’re talking about awkward eye contact.

You’re just looking around, taking in the space and then all of a sudden you realize you’re making direct eye contact with the guy twenty feet away from you. He sees you, you see him and you both just in your hearts know that this small intimate moment was a complete and utter mistake and you are now both highly uncomfortable.

But, you know what, now that we think about it, this is 100% not the worse kind of awkward eye contact.

Do you guys remember just a couple seconds ago when we were talking about people watching, well we’re going to ask you to do a little imagining right now. Picture you’re at mall or some other cool place where there’s lots of people. Now look around this awesome place until you find “the one.”

No, not your soulmate (again, not a rom-com).

You know, the one person that you for some reason decide to look at a little longer than socially acceptable. They could be cute or a little weird or just plain interesting, but for whatever reason, you’re staring at them.

But wait, before you can even comprehend what’s going on, the unthinkable has just happened. YOU MADE EYE CONTACT.

Now this friends is the worst kind of awkward eye contact. You know you were staring, but worse than that, they know.

You can’t come back from this, like at all, but lucky for you, you’re left with two choices. Either you become the brave little soul that we know you are and hold that eye contact, thus letting them know you are the alpha (if this is you, on behalf of every awkward soul out there, we salute you).

OR, you do the complete alternative, snap your head in the other direction and pretend the whole moment didn’t happen (this is more our speed). Way less brave than the other approach, but hey we’re all awkward here, what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


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